The team

The founder

Dr Itzik Harosh is the founder & CEO of ObeTherapy (January 2000 – present) a biotech dedicated to the discovery of new genes for obesity and diabetes treatment based on the lean phenotype and the development of molecules for the treatment of metabolic syndrome. Establish the concept to look for new genes associated to starvation phenotype based on rare genetic diseases for the treatment of obesity and type II diabetes.

Prior to the creation of ObeTherapy he was a Group leader in GSK in France where he learned the art of drug discovery, targets identification and validation.

Dr. Harosh did his PhD at The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel, working on DNA repair enzymes (1982-1987) which was followed by four years of post doctoral experience at Stanford and at Davis University, California, US. (1987-1991). From there he moved to France where he worked in the CNRS at the laboratory of Miro Radman. From there moved to the Glaxo Welcome where he learned the art of drug discovery and target identification an validation. Dr. Harosh is the author and co-author of 15 articles and 8 patents all dealing with obesity, diabetes and HTS.

Dr. Harosh is on the editorial board of:

Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2014).

International Journal of Diabetes & Clinical Diagnosis (2014).

Advances in Obesity, Weight Management & Control (2014).

Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2014).

Advance in Obesity Weight Management and Control (2014).

Jacobs Journal of Bioinformatics and Proteomics (2014).

Current Research in Diabetes & Obesity Journal (2015).

Juniper Online Journal of Case Studies (2016).

Itzik Harosh is regularly invited to international Obesity, Diabetes and metabolic syndrome conferences.

The scientific advisory board copy

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of prominent scientists who have extensive experience in the development of key aspects of ObeTherapy developments:

1. Prof. Miroslav Radman, PhD, Hopital Necker, Paris, France.
Specialist in genetics and evolution; member of the “Academie des sciences de l’institut de France”.

2. Prof. David Bensimon, PhD, Ecole Normal Superieure, Paris, France.
Specialist in biophysics of DNA and proteins.

3. Prof. Avraham Levy, PhD, The Weizmann Institute of science, Rehovot, Israël.
Specialist in biotechnology and genetics.

4. Prof. Timor Baasov, PhD, Chemistry Faculty Technion, Haifa, Israël.
Specialist in medicinal chemistry and chemical synthesis.

5. Prof. Bruno Peault, PhD, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, USA.
Specialist in cellular models and biotechnology, pioneer of Systemix.

6. Prof. Menachem Rubinstein, PhD, Weizmann Institute, Israël.
Specialist in genetics, expert in obesity.

7. Yves Champey , MD, former Senior Vice President and Executive Medical Director at Rhone Poulenc Rorer.

8. Prof. Daniel Ricquier, PhD, Hopital Necker, Paris, France.
Expert in obesity field in which he is a major contributor; member of the “Academie des sciences de l’institut de France”.

9. Prof. Naftali Stern, The Tel Aviv Sourazky Medical Center, Endocrinology Institute, Israel.

10. Prof. Arieh Warshal Nobel price 2013, Departement of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Shoutern California, Los Anqeles, USA.


Marco A. Ciufolini is the Canada Research Chair in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is a distinguished synthetic organic chemist who is eagerly sought out as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry for his expertise in both medicinal and process chemistry. He is the founder of co-founder of three companies. A number of compounds that he invented are currently undergoing late phase III clinical trials, and one of them, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, was recently approved for sale in the EU and the US.