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ObeTherapy Biotechnology was created by Dr Itzik HAROSH in January 2000. It is a member of the Genopole® at Evry, France. Genopole Industry, headed by Pierre Tambourin, act as an incubator for start-up biotech, helping in raising funds, creating strategic partners, and supplying the whole infrastructure.


Despite the huge amount of money invested in obesity research, it still does not exist an efficient drug treatment that does not produce substantial side effects. To maximize the chance to produce efficient drugs, ObeTherapy develops a completely innovative strategy that allows it to rapidly discover lead compounds for this important and developing market.

While competitors are seeking targets among obese phenotype, ObeTherapy focus its attention to the genetics of lean and hypolipidemic phenotype. This completely innovative approach is consisting of looking for critical genes in people with a lean phenotype. The rationale behind this is: If a monogenic disease can be found which result in a deficiency of fat absorption, then the gene implicated in this malfunction is critical. This gene, that is not compensated by other mechanisms, is therefore a much better target for obesity treatment than the genes responsible for obesity in obese patients, as it is now proven that they are neither specific nor redundant.
This innovative strategy allows us to discover non redundant and tissue specific targets, hence the drugs discovered acting on these genes will have much more chance to be efficient and without side effects.


The validation of our first target was done in close collaboration with BioProtein Technology and the team of Prof. L-M Houdebine and Genevieve Jolivet from INRA via transgenic rabbits over-expressing and knocking out apobec-1 gene Jolivet et al 2012 Plos One. As expected, the transgenic rabbits are lean. This result confirms the pertinence of our approach and the proof that this first gene target is indeed involved in fat absorption. As this gene is expressed exclusively in the intestine and has a very unique activity, it is therefore an excellent target for obesity treatment.

ObeTherapy have identified several genes waiting to be validated. This will be done via two approaches (Braud et al 2012 Plos One).

One is to identify genes involved in diseases that result to a deficiency in energy absorption. We have identified such a target and we are currently validating it in an animal model. Similarly to our first target, this candidate has an exclusive intestinal expression, a specific activity and is associated with lean phenotype in human.
The second is to identify polymorphism along different candidate gene.


ObeTherapy‘s goal is to become a worldwide leader in the discovery and development of drugs efficient in treating or preventing obesity and its morbidity effects. Obetherapy first goal is to develop its lead candidate, OBE2001 to reach Phase I clinical trial in Obese patients. ObeTherapy’s leadership will be a result of a unique and innovative scientific approach with a reliable target (tissue specific, non-redundant and associated with a lean, hypercholesterolemic and hypolipidemic phenotype).

Strategic goals
• Pursue our OBE2001 development program to reach Phase I/IIa clinical study in obese patients
• Identify and validate new targets to reinforce our competitive position.
• Expand our platform technology to include obesity related diseases (type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases).
• Collaborate with biotech companies for rapid development of OBE2001.
• Increase the company’s value through the optimization and sale of lead compounds.
• Find strategic partners to license our HTS technology for the other ObeTherapy’s targets


Genopole® : Involvement in the growing genomics sector in France.

Genopole® is an initiative started by public and private sectors, whose ambition is to bring together, within the same site at Evry (close to Paris), a multi-disciplinary center for public and private research with expertise in genetics, genomics and post-genomics, high level university teaching and biotechnology enterprises.
Its goal is to promote the development of large scale biological activities, in the public research sector as well as the industrial world of biotechnologies.
The development of the latter should lead to industrial applications in medicine (new therapies), in agronomy and in environmental industries. They will make the most of progress in robotics, micro and nanotechnologies, as well as information technologies.
Promote the growth of Biotechnologies

The goal of genopole® :
– invite start-ups to the site and foste them in the creation of their companies
– help find investors
– put financial profects together
– monitor the development of newly created companies, welcome existing companies.
Genopole® and ObeTherapy Biotechnology
As a start-up, ObeTherapy Biotechnology is hosted by genopole®. They provide us everything we need and help us in the process of growing.


ObeTherapy Started, in Mai 2015, a collaboration agreement with Berlin Chimie a subsidiary of Menarini (Florence Italy)

INRA (professor L.M.Houdebine)
Prof. L-M. HOUDEBINE, director of the laboratory of “Biologie du Développement et Biotechnologie” (INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France) has accepted to collaborate with ObeTherapy in order to produce transgenic rabbits as an animal model for its targets validation.

Zambon Group SpA Recently, ObeTherapy has signed a collaboration agreement for R&D with Zambon Group SpA (Milan, Italy). Zambon Group SpA is an international pharmaceutical and chemical company. According to this agreement, Zambon Group SpA will screen its low molecular weight compounds library using the ObeTherapy’s HTS technology.

You ? If you are interested by our approach and if you want to participate in our drug discovery programs, do not hesitate to contact us.